【China Daily】Key moments in institution's history

∙ 1958

The University of Science and Technology of China is established in Beijing.

∙ 1970

USTC is relocated to Hefei.

∙ 1972

USTC rebuilds teaching staff and resumes teaching and research.

∙ 1977

USTC resumes college entrance examination enrollment and sets up the country's first graduate school.

∙ 1978

USTC sets up the country's first Special Class for the Gifted Young.

∙ 1983

The National Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory is launched.

∙ 1984

USTC enters the rank of the nation's key universities for construction.

∙ 1995

USTC is admitted to Project 211.

∙ 1999

USTC is admitted to Project 985.

∙ 2003

USTC founds the Hefei National Laboratory for Physical Sciences at the Microscale.

∙ 2012

USTC launches the USTC Institute of Advanced Technology.

∙ 2016

USTC launches Micius.

∙ 2017

USTC is admitted to the national double first-class program.

∙ 2017

USTC establishes departments of life sciences and medicine.

∙ 2017

USTC supports the construction of the Hefei Comprehensive National Science Center.

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